Sandy Claws’ Mansion

In this cute little house, in the suburbs of Dublin, Ireland lives Sandy Claws, the maniac careerist. Sandy was a little child when he realized that there is no Santa Claus, and this revelation from his cold-hearted parents who found their child's expression as that cherished tale of his vanishes into thin air rather amusing (his parents were a little bit psychotic; probably that's the reason why he became a maniac as well) left an everlasting mark on his soul. Since then the little child has become a man who completely left his old identity behind and goes by the name: SANDY CLAWS. His aim is to prove that the tale that is believed to be just an ordinary tale is really true - but not the way we may think. It is a horrible story indeed and he would like to show this to every one of his visitors in this lovely little cottage which is the exact copy of Santa Claus's candlelit house up North. Sandy invites every Christmas night a bunch of people to celebrate this holiday in a company which shares love and kindness and would never ever hurt the other. However, Sandy knows ways to convince them of their belief's incorrectness - each day he finds ways to bring underlying wrath, hatred and rage to the surface until the house is full of anger and terror. Then he lights all the candles and unveils the Christmas presents. As the guests open their boxes, scream after scream is heard: what they see in the boxes is one of their body parts tastefully cooked and served. But when they check whether something happened to them, they see that nothing's changed. And Sandy is watching them from behind the curtains (he's there just to get a good glimpse of their going away) eerily smiling for he knows that the minute they pass the entrance door, they will cry out in pain because as they leave the enchanted mansion, the body parts they previously found in the boxes will indeed disappear in the same way as Sandy cut, burnt, sliced, ripped them off while they were losing themselves in their ecstatic quarrels over completely meaningless things - they didn't even realize what was happening to them during their pathetic arguments over nothing. /// Remember kids, Sandy will send YOU an invitation too to his famous feasts which you won't be able to resist unless you have a good soul! ps: in that case someone else will want to see you for your precious soul...

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