Have a Seat

"- Come, Mrs. Fidditch, let me invite you for a cup of tea. - Oh, that's really kind of you, dear, but please say 'allow me to invite you,' it's much more polite. - Certainly, Mrs. Fidditch. What do you say then? - Very well, thank you but I seriously do not understand the straightforward language of this new generation. Don't you feel it a little rude, my dear, to simply ask me this question in such a manner? - I don't really see rudeness here, Mrs. Fidditch, but you certainly must be right. - You don't have to simply agree with me on every point if you do not have the same opinion, my dear. That is also as impolite as continuously disagreeing. - Absolutely. Oh, look, Mrs. Fidditch, I believe this is the best place in the garden to sit. - My dear, those chairs do look quite strange to me. Are they this year's fashion? - Mrs. Fidditch, please, I don't think that criticizing one's property is one of the polite things to do. - I'm sorry!? - Please, Mrs. Fidditch, just sit down. I have a feeling that once you sat down everything will be much calmer. - I don't quite understand you, my dear. And I don't find these chairs suitable for sitting. - You will sit down, Mrs. Fidditch. Sit in that chair, I say! *pushing Mrs. Fiddtich through the chair with the hole in it* Right. Are we feeling better now? I certainly do feel much better.


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