The Owl God

Owls have always been considered as animals either bringing doom and decay or knowledge and wisdom. The dichotomy of these birds reveal the true nature of our own self; that light and dark, good and evil are interwoven within ourselves and within society. The owl, who's now experiencing a rather ostracized state, represents the stoic viewer who always seems to be gloating over other people's misfortunes with its continuous scrutinizing look and its occasional eerie sound that maybe tells us something like: "I'm here, I saw what you did just now, you human being, I know your every step. I was at your door when you were born and I'll be there the minute when you die. I'm the beginning and the end, I'm the memento mori while you're thinking of me only as a stupid bird that should be standing on your shelf stuffed as all your other preys. But you can never kill death itself, you can never become immortal."


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