Lost Medallion

By: Jo

Aug 20 2011

Category: Flowers

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Focal Length:55mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 500D

We are enchanted by stories about fallen empires, prospering kingdoms, savage tribes, and developed civilizations - thousands of books are written on these topics and hundreds of history professors are sponsored to pursue their scientific research. We don't always have to go that far, however. What if you were to come across a lost golden medallion floating on the surface of a small creek? Who could have been the owner of this precious treasure? Maybe a heartbroken lover who had thrown the medallion into the water because her lover was unfaithful to her, or just the other way around - she's now heartbroken since she had accidentally dropped the most precious thing in her life into this stream? Or maybe, a less romantic scenario, we have just found one piece of the Mayan jewelry that had been stolen some weeks ago from a museum. Or even worse, maybe it was the necklace of a corpse that is maybe still floating somewhere far away from where we are sitting. Who knows? Who knows the stories of the little and insignificant things that cross our path day by day?


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