Mushroom Spotting

By: Jo

Oct 21 2011

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Category: Nature


Focal Length:5.5mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Chapter 5 The appropriate use of magic mushrooms /excerpt/ By the time the reader has already gotten through the preceding four chapters of "Homemade Concoctions for Beginners," they will have achieved the required knowledge for the "Mushroom Spotting Ritual." This is not an easy and lighthearted task, though those who have not yet fallen asleep and have paid close attention to the previous chapters' contents will have the sufficient knowledge at their disposal. As the great mushroomspotter Eleanor Bodson pointed out, magical mushrooms are hard to find "due to the two main factors required for the perfect setting, i.e., first, the number of the day for mushroomspotting should be the same as the number of the month, second, there should be full moon on that day (plus-minus three days) (Bodson, 1876). Figure 1 exemplifies a perfect magical mushroom that was spotted March, 3 1942.

2 comments on “Mushroom Spotting”

  1. Love your post! Those are truly the magic mushrooms. 🙂 Great photo also. Thanks for sharing.

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