By: Jo

Aug 18 2012

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Category: Flowers

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Focal Length:5.5mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

She started spreading her fingers, they were moving like separate small arms, moving fast and reckless. Those long, cold fingers of hers were coming closer to my face. I was trying to turn my head left and right, was trying to raise it or lower it but I was tied so tightly, I could only see how those frantically moving fingers were coming closer and closer. My palms were getting wet, and all the hairs on my back were standing as small soldiers believing that if they rise the fear will disappear. Nothing goes away now. All that I can see is narrowing down into one small but clear circle, and the center of the cirlce bathes in the light of my fear, making it more pronounced as the seconds are moving by. One touch on my cheek, another touch on my forehead, another on my chin. Oh, this cold, wet feeling, it’s moving so viciously all around my face. I’m clenching my teeth and closing my eyes so tight it hurts more than the burning touch of this monster. It will soon devour me. I am just a piece of flesh. And time has come to an end. All the layers are being ripped off, slowly, steadily. Licking away all the years I have lived. It’s here and I’m forever away.

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