Ivory tower with chocolate sprinkles and a tootsie roll

Are you familiar with the cliche of the cold, distant person who has a warm, lovely personality on the inside but due to some terrible events in the past he (usually a “he”) had to hide away behind this detached persona in order to save himself from further scars. And eventually a lovely, kindhearted girl comes along who changes everything around him and finds the key to his still beating heart and they live happily ever after.
Now what about the opposite? A sweet, cheerful person who has a rough piece of rusty metal in the place of a heart. Would that simply be a case of deceit or betrayal? Is that person so much worse than the other one?
I think the motivation is the same for both: self-protection. However, some achieve this by building up a thick crust around themselves, whereas others create the impression that everything is all right while they are actually hoping that this will prevent people running away from their lonely and shy character. Should we call them simply phonies?
We are so used to the challenge of softening one’s outer shell just to find the treasure at the bottom that we think the reverse can only be a case of someone trying to trick other people. I think it’s only two sides of the same coin.


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